Client Testimonials – Repeat Buyers in Matthews

mccamey We have known Daniel Callahan for over 8 years, when we were looking to buy our first house. Once we knew who Daniel Callahan was, we did not have to think twice who we would have be in charged of representing our interests. We proudly witness that Daniel Callahan is one of the most humble and knowledgeable real estate person in the business. We found working with him a joy and felt like he was there to help us during every step of the processes. Daniel Callahan is a true professional in every sense of the word, and puts his clients interests far above his own. That is why we depended on him and him alone to our buy two houses. We would be very happy to give Daniel Callahan and his team our highest recommendation for anyone desiring to sell/buy property. We wish all the best to our friend Daniel and his team all the best and thank you!

Kebreab Tsigba – Buyer in Matthews